Illinois disability lawyer helps people with Social Security disability claims

If you have experienced an injury, illness, or condition that has made you unable to continue working, you may be thinking about applying for Social Security disability benefits. Or perhaps you have already applied and your claim has been denied. You don’t have to go through this alone. Working with an experienced Murphysboro, Illinois disability lawyer can increase your chances of a successful outcome. Since 2001, I have been guiding clients through every step of the process of applying for and getting Social Security disability benefits.

Every client gets our personalized attention

My Illinois Social Security law firm has handled disability cases since 2001, and has focused exclusively on Social Security disability claims since 2008, and we have assisted hundreds of people with their claims. We also accept Veterans‘ cases. Every day, my staff and I assist people in their efforts to get the benefits they deserve, benefits they worked hard for and contributed to with every paycheck during their working years. My office is staffed by skilled team members whose only job is to answer clients’ questions and help develop their Social Security files. My staff and I get to know all our clients as individuals. As our client, you will also get to know us because you will speak with the same staff members every time you contact us.

Our office is on the courthouse square in the small town where we live. We know the local doctors and the Social Security field offices well. Our offices have been renovated to be accessible to everyone. Parking spaces at the rear of the building are reserved for clients, and there is a ramp to meet accessibility needs. If you have transportation problems, we can help you solve them. If you are homebound or live outside of the Jackson County area, we are happy to make special arrangements to meet with you.

Help finding community resources

I have great compassion for those who are struggling financially while they wait for a favorable decision on their claims. Because the claims process can be a lengthy one, I help my clients identify community resources to help them with their financial and medical needs while they await a decision on their claim.

Learning more about Social Security disability

My website contains information covering many aspects of Social Security disability claims, and I hope you will take advantage of the articles and videos available here. If you have not yet applied for benefits, you may find the video “Are You Likely to Qualify?” helpful. If you have a hearing scheduled, you may want to view the video “How To Be Persuasive at Your Social Security Disability Hearing,” the video “What Not To Do at Your Hearing,” and the video “How To Describe Your Daily Activities.”

Contacting an Illinois Social Security law firm

My Illinois Social Security law firm represents disability clients at all stages of a claim. If you have already filed a claim and your claim has been denied, you should contact a Social Security disability lawyer promptly to avoid missing the deadlines for filing an appeal. If you live in southern Illinois, southeastern Missouri, southwestern Indiana, or northwestern Kentucky, and have questions about a Social Security disability claim, help is only a phone call away. Initial consultations are free.

If you are not already represented by a disability lawyer and would like an evaluation of your case, please describe your claim using the form to the right, and I will respond promptly. Or you may contact me at:

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